science ideas for preschoolers

Preschoolers have eager minds and long to know about the wonders of the world. What better way to fill those minds with wonder than getting them engaged in science experiments? Science is a wonderful subject for preschoolers because it involves communicating with their peers and sparks their imagination. In addition, science can complement a child's natural curiosity and answer questions like "Why is the sky blue? or "Why did that pine cone fell down?" science ideas for preschoolers are fun and great learning experiences.

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Science prepares children for life

In addition, science teaches children about life and prepares them as they grow older; to persevere, solve problems and research areas of interest. Also, science can teach children what happens before they do something. Most importantly, science teaches children that not everything they do works for the first time; that they may have to try several methods to find an answer. Science may also help them, as they grow older, to find answers to problems such as solving poverty by  improving seed genetics so that crops can be created to grow stronger.

Easy science experiments for children

There are several easy experiments for children that are fun for preschoolers such as the lime juice and baking soda experiment. They will be amazed and surprised at what happens when lime juice and baking soda come together. When the experiment is over, they can perform a little art! Another experiment is creating simple balloon cars. With this experiment you can explore energy, measure distance and build different cars to explore speed and distance. You can build your own car or use LEGO or Duplo.

Try this fun experiment!

Another experiment that is easy and fun is having children use blank sheets of paper, Q-tips and lemon juice. Lemon juice is poured into bowls. Have the kids dip their Q-tips into the lemon juice and write secret messages to each other. Once the papers dry, have them come around and look at the mysteries. When the dried lemon juice is heated, it becomes brown and will reveal the invisible messages that the children wrote on the white paper. (For this to work an iron and ironing board are needed and there must be guidance and supervision that come from a teacher or parent.)

To conclude, preschoolers have eager minds and long to know about the wonders of the world. Find out more about how preschoolers can benefit from science experiments from your preschool teacher!